Saturday, January 12, 2019

Stellar 7 cheats

Apple 2 version

81fc = shield

b@81fc=92 max shield (don't go above 92 or will overwrite the boundary)

81fe = fuel

b@81fe = 92 max fuel (don't go above 92 or will overwrite the boundary)

Playing Stellar7 with mame at double speed:

./mame64 apple2p stellar7 -speed 2.0 -frameskip 6

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Sirius Joyport and mame's apple2 driver

So I was reading up on the Sirius Joyport which was a box to convert Atari Joysticks to the Apple 2 Gameport and thought that it wouldn't be hard to add to mame's apple2 driver. All it really does is put an atari joystick on Pushbuttons 0,1 and 2 and selecting the button to read with annunciator #1.

or if you want the original source of the article:

It's a bit of a hack, but it's more of a proof of concept than anything else. You can switch the gameport from normal to sirius joyport on the fly which is useful.

Boulderdash with the Startup Screen where you can select the Joyport by pressing J.

Stellar 7 controls screen, you can select the Joyport with CTRL+A.

The games that I've found to work with the Sirius Joyport are:

Wavy Navy
Boulder Dash 1, Boulder Dash 2
Dino Eggs
Bouncing Kamungas
Lunar Leeper
Pest Patrol
Jawbreaker II
Vindicators (CTRL+M)
Miner 2049er, Miner II
Stellar 7
Fly Wars

Stellar 7 really gets fast and furious with ramping the speed up to 1.5 or 2.0. What a superb game.

./mame64 apple2p stellar7 -speed 2.0

I can only finish the game with save states! Shift+F7 and F7 are your friend! I think you have to hit Gir Draxon 6 times, and he's got triple shots, super speed and invisibility.

I actually prefer boulderdash with the speed a little less at 0.8 or 0.9 making Rockford easier to control.

Monday, January 7, 2019

Miner 2049er II for apple 2

I got inspired to play miner 2 after watching some playthrough videos on youtube. I think I understand why I never was able to finish miner 2049er back in the day, it was just too tedious and unforgiving. It's a heck of a lot easier with savestates. I consider finishing one level an achivement.

Once you complete the 10 screens, it becomes near impossible with the stupid bouncy ball showing up unexpectedly.

Here's some cheats in the mame debugger:

set your score (you only see 7 digits)


set the amount of time remaining, here it will be 99 minutes 60 seconds


If you set it too high, when you finish the level it can take a long time to count down, so just do


number of blocks remaining to cover, set it to zero to finish the level


number of lives, don't set above 21 (0x15) or the hats will cover up the screen


./mame64 apple2e -flop1 "~/Downloads/Miner 2049er II (4am crack).zip/Miner 2049er II (4am crack)/Miner 2049er II (4am crack).dsk" -window -confirm_quit -debug

There's a couple of interesting things I discovered while using the mame debugger.

I tried to disable a watchpoint numbered 0xA with wpdisable A but it didn't work.

What was happening is that it was interpreting A to mean the current value of the accumulator.

To workaround this, just do wpdisable 0xA.

If you want to flip to the hi res page 2 manually, do


And to flip back to hi res page 1, do


and here's a lua function to calculate the beginning address of each line of the hi-res screen: It's useful when you want to set a watchpoint at a specific point on screen.

function calc(line) return line % 8 * 1024 + math.floor(line / 64) * 40 + math.floor((line%64) / 8) * 128 +8192 end

for i = 0,191 do print(i,string.format("%x",calc(i))) end

and here's an example of writing directly to the apple's memory from lua:

cpu = manager:machine().devices[":maincpu"];mem = cpu.spaces["program"]
for i = 0,191 do mem:write_u8(calc(i),i) end

Monday, December 31, 2018

Playing bounty bob strikes back in ubuntu

I got inspired to play Bounty Bob Strikes Back by watching youtube videos of longplays. I thought I'd try mame and the a800 driver but it crashed on trying to run the cartridge. I found an xex file but mame doesn't like xex files. So I installed the atari800 emulator under Ubuntu with "apt get install atari800" and it installed but getting the rom paths right was a little tricky. You launch atari800 and then hit F1 to configure, then Emulator Rom Settings, then System Rom Settings and then Find Rom Images in a Directory and then locate where you extracted the atari roms to. It installs a man page so you can type "man atari800" and the config file is ".atari800.cfg" in your home directory.

Unfortunately the atari800 emulator doesn't work properly. You can run the game but the Utility Lift on Level 2 doesn't work. And if you do the cheats listed at you can jump to different levels but many others don't work correctly either.

My command line looks like this:

atari800 -run ~/Downloads/Bounty\ Bob\ Strikes\ Back\!.xex

and I had to remap the joystick to my preferred CTRL (fire button) and ARROW KEYS arrangement and also remember to save the configuration.

Stuck on level 2:

Bounty Bob Strikes Back! - Cheat Code

Press F3 to enter the option screen.
Use the down arrow to move to the "Special Code" line.
Use left/right arrows to select 61800. Holding ESC will cause the numbers to advance more quickly.
Hold the "F" key on the keyboard and press F3.
Now when you're playing the game you can type any two numbers to jump directly to that level. For example type "05" for level five.

(under the Atari800 emulator, F2=option, so hit F2 to go to the option screen, then go to the special code line and decrement the number to 61800. If you want to go "turbo" F12 will go into a turbo mode so it will count faster, however you are also likely to "time out" of the options screen. Just leave turbo mode with F12, hit F2 again, then select the special code line again and set it to exactly 61800 and hold down f and press F2. Now cheats should be enabled and the special code line will return to zero)

So let's try the c64 driver under mame. I was able to get bounty bob to work, but not with the softlisted disk. I found an Avatar crack that worked and even better it's got trainers!

The softlisted floppy bbsb gives a CHECKSUM ERROR.

The avatar crack works and I don't even have to enter the cheat code if I enable in game keys:

My favorite is F to reposition Bounty Bob. For some reason I had to disable joystick 2 to get the F key to work since it's mapped to ARDFG by default. That's why the command line has -joy2 "" in it.

./mame64 c64 -window -bios jiffydos -joy1 joy -joy2 "" -flop1 ~/Downloads/Bounty\ Bob\ Strikes\ Back\ \ 7HD.d64

I like the jiffydos bios so I can just hit SHIFT+HOME for (SHIFT+RUN/STOP) and it will load it up, as well as getting a directory with F1.

The c64 version runs a bit too fast to be properly controlled for me. If I launch mame with a speed factor of 0.80 (80 percent normal speed) the controls are much easier to handle and less touchy.

./mame64 c64 -window -flop1 ~/Downloads/Bounty\ Bob\ Strikes\ Back\ \ 7HD.d64 -bios jiffydos -joy1 joy -joy2 "" -speed 0.80

Ahh bliss!

Thursday, December 20, 2018

How small can you make a barcode in Word?

I wanted to see just how small I could make a readable printed barcode in Word so I wrote a VBA macro to generate barcodes at different sizes to test it out.

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Lovelite by O'Bryan on Rock N America

Saturday, November 26, 2016
Trying to find things that you've seen long ago

Like this music video that I think aired on the show "Rock'n America" back in the 80s where this gal in this yellow jumpsuit was in some kind of power plant pulling levers up and down. I'm still trying to figure out what that one was. I vaguely remember it being called Love lines or something like that.

The obscure things that you remember and you want to put a name with them.

Well I finally found out what the name of the video was: It's Lovelite by O'Bryan, not Lovelines.

I found a video of Rock N America where he talks about being in a video by O'Bryan and that's all I needed.

The comedy bits were corny but funny. "Know where I can get ahold of any Rock N America?"

I always loved those music video shows like Friday Night Videos, Rock N America and Night Tracks.

Just search youtube for this title: O'Bryan - Lovelite 1984

Why no barcode tag in HTML?

After having so much fun fiddling with Microsoft Word's DISPLAYBARCODE field, I wondered why HTML doesn't have a standard barcode tag. I suppose there's lots of javascript barcode generators, but why not one built in to the browser?

It would be so simple if all you have to do is go <barcode type="code128">BARCODE_DATA</barcode>

I suppose it's not an original thought: